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What It’s REALLY Like To Be An Influencer

Gosh, I’ve been trying to put off writing this blog post, mostly because every time I see someone write about it they only seem to give the watered down version of it. People assume that being an “Influencer” is this fairytale that seems perfect.

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Well, it’s not and there’s so much that comes with it besides that usual stories that you probably hear. I’m sure you’ve heard about how it’s harder than it looks, and how there’s so much work that goes into it besides the glitz and glam you see on social media. I’m sure you’ve heard about how some opportunities aren’t paid, and how even when they are it’s not a ton of money like you think. I want to tell you a little bit more than that though if you’re willing to keep reading.

Before the word influencer was even a thing, I knew I wanted to be someone who made an impact. Someone who made a difference. This is what made me start blogging, and continue despite not seeing any type of reward of recognition. Now, when I started the whole blogging thing was still fairly new, especially within my friend group. The support was cool, but when people don’t understand it’s hard for them to put all of their support in. Overtime, the support has been overwhelming, but I think mostly because people see that I’m actually growing and making things happen for myself with or without it.

There’s one thing no one tells you though – the support you receive from actually influencers is few and far between. In my experience, it’s been tough making friends in this space. Mostly because you aren’t sure of the true intentions. It’s always the constant thought of if that person really wants the friendship or if they just want to be associated with you. Yes, there are some influencers that pretend to be your friend just to show the social media sphere that they’re “friends” with you. They support you with it’s only beneficial for them and their own growth through the ranks. Now, it’s not like this for everyone, just speaking from my perspective, but the group shots you see aren’t as real as you think.

Another thing no one tells you is that sometimes the products you see being promoted have probably not been used before that photo. Yes, it was probably just opened right before the shot. Early in my career, I just used to be happy to receive any opportunity I could, but now I’m more happy to be able to work with brands that I truly love and trust. Being transparent is hard for some influencers to do.

Here I am not giving you the watered down version because honestly I’m tired of reading the same stories about how there’s so much work that goes into the writing, the photography, etc. This is VERY true, don’t get me wrong – but to me it’s like DUH, I think everyone understands how much work it is at this point.

My goal for this year is to be more conscious and transparent. There are very great sides to being an influencer though! I’ve been in the room with some amazing people, and I’ve been able to work with brands that I never thought in a million years I would be able to reach. Being an influencer has truly changed me for the better. It’s allowed me to connect with you all on another level, and it’s allowed me to reach so many others who I’ve been able to inspire. I’m so thankful for every single one of you.


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