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How To Re-Engage With Your Audience on Instagram

So, there’s always this question right – about how you can grow your social media channels. Everyone wants the huge numbers, but there aren’t many people who want to work for it.

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Everyone wants people to “like” and “engage” with their content, but the truth is those same people aren’t “liking” and “engaging” with other peoples content. I learned about a year and a half ago that in order to build an audience that, well, for lack of better words, LIKES YOU then you have to chat with them – make a connection. If you want to know to you can re-engage with your audience, and build a better connection then keep reading!

Engagement isn’t an easy things, unless you’re like Beyonce or something. To get someone to care about the content you’re putting out there, well girl, you kind of have to work for it. In my early Insta days, when I was just starting to form some sort of content, I would post then forget to either:

  1. Engage back with the people who commented on it (because that, for some reason, was the cool thing to do).

  2. I would barely engage with the people I was following (i.e. liking and commenting on their posts).

Now, not doing those two things hurt me down the line, because now I was following these people who didn’t engage with me and I didn’t engage with them. This became worse with the Instagram algorithm because now, these people weren’t even SEEING my posts anymore due to the lack of engagement.

It was a huge shock factor when I logged into the Unfollow app, and saw that a great number of my followers hadn’t even engaged with the last 60 posts on my page.

At this point, I could’ve done one or two things:

  1. Unfollow everyone who hadn’t engaged in a while (which I kind of did).

  2. Attempt to really dig deep and re-engage with those people.

Although #1 happened (kind of), I really ended up choosing #2 for the long run. I started engaging, and not the fake engagement like “OMG TOTALLY SO CUTE BABE AH”. The real engagement – like asking questions, telling people I’m proud of them, etc. Now, some times things are actually really cute so I comment saying just that, but the point is that it’s GENUINE.

How can you re-engage with your audience, you ask? Check out my tips below!

Don’t Be Too Cool To Comment Back

Seriously, I hate this. If someone is taking time out of their day to comment on your post, the least (VERY LEAST), you can do is say thank you. It’s so simple. I don’t understand why people who are not Beyonce level, or the level of any celebrity can’t even comment back and say thank you. Don’t be that person. It’s rude, and it’ll make people not want to comment ever again.

Engage With The People You Follow

Yes, this means doing more than scrolling past every post you see and being a ghost follower. If you want people to engage with you, then guess what? You have to do the same. Comment and like your followers posting, if you really like the content. If you find yourself constantly scrolling past someones postings, then you might need to either mute them or unfollow them. Clearly you are not inspired, so you shouldn’t keep them around.

Get Out & Meet People

Networking is really key in any situation. If you want to engage with people past Instagram, set up a coffee date! Meet them for a drink. Get to know people and show that you care about the connection. People are more than their IG handles – they’re real.

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