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My Last 30 Days: How I Plan To WIN

As I reflect on 2020, I can’t help but think of what these last 30 days of 2020 will be like. What started off as a whirlwind of a year is finally shaping up to be a year of unexpectedness that we certainly didn’t plan for. Although there may be some circumstances that are out of your control, there are others that you can get a grasp on and make sure that it results in something great.

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Planning has been key in how I operate my life.

I like to plan ahead, and I LOVE to plan to win.

Although there are some things that you can’t plan for, as well as things that just don’t go as planned, that doesn’t mean that you can’t take charge and ensure that it works in your favor.

For example, I knew that I wanted to quit my job to become my own boss this year. I just wasn’t sure when I would do that exactly. When the time came, I just felt...ready. I felt compelled and inspired to take the leap, and so I did just that. I might not have planned to quit my job at that exact moment in July, but leading up to that moment I did plan in a way.

  • I saved up almost $15k to ensure that I have a solid financial plan in place.

  • I launched my company The Boss Up Inc. so that I had another revenue stream in place besides my income as a Content Creator.

  • Formed a consistent brand presence for The Boss Up Inc. on social media

  • I made it known that I was available for more freelance opportunities.

I was working my plan without even knowing, and really...that’s what planning is all about. Being prepared for the big moments, but taking little action steps before you get there.

Now being 3-4 months into my entrepreneurial journey, I’ve had to lean on some other ways to plan out my goals and ensure that I’m staying on track.

It’s not just about me anymore. I have a team that depends on me, so putting my Southworth Journal to use consistently has played a huge role in me mapping out what these last weeks of 2020 will look like and beyond.

This is why I love Southworth.

Not only do I use my Southworth Journal to map out my goals for myself and my company, but I also use it to track my habits each week.

Southworth helped me dissect those macro plans I had into micro goals that allowed me to work each day towards that bigger dream.

In my Southworth Journal, I wrote out my healthy habit tracker by month to ensure that I stayed in a positive mindset and was fueling myself mentally and physically. This meant making time for my workouts and my morning pages before fully starting my day. It also meant ensuring that I was fueling my mind with knowledge on how to be a successful and impactful entrepreneur - so books and podcasts were embedded into my routine as well.

Keeping up with this tracker helped to show me habits that I needed to prioritize and work harder towards. It also helped me realize any bad habits I had - like scrolling through Instagram, that might have taken time aways from the healthy habits that I was supposed to be cultivating.

It feels good at the end of each week to see how many times I worked on my goals and followed through on the habits I want to establish.

For the last 30 days, I want to continue to track healthy habits and eliminate things that are not helping me reach my full potential - personally and within my business.


  • Scrolling less on Instagram, more focusing on ways to serve and engage with my community

  • Substituting coffee for more healthy alternatives like tea or Matcha

  • Spending less money on eating out and more time cooking. I’m guilty of constantly ordering food off of Uber Eats, so this would be a huge goal for me

  • Wearing my Apple Watch more often to increase my desire to work out and follow along with the workout journeys of my family and friends


  • To build out our 2021 initiatives for The Boss Up Inc. We want to expand our coaching program and work our way into offering online courses for our audience

  • Scaling our team! We currently are a team of four, so I will be working to add two additional teammates to the squad. This includes planning out the descriptions of these positions by the end of the year, so that we can start our interviewing process in Q1 of 2021

  • Sharing with my team and clients the benefits of habit tracking and goal tracking by using Southworth Journals, and how much it can increase productivity and effectiveness

Of course, there are so many other goals that I have in mind, but those are just a few!

If you want to track your goals and plan ahead with intention, I highly recommend picking up a Southworth Journal. They have so many fun designs to choose from, and the inside design is so creative and yet effective for planning and goal setting. They even have this pocket folder on the inside where you can store important notes, receipts and more to keep what’s important close to you.

Get ahead of the new year by investing in tools that help you!

Snag your Southworth Journal today on Amazon.


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