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Channeling My MOOD with American Eagle

How many times have you found yourself in “go mode” without a minute to rest, reset and set aside time for yourself? How many times have you placed self care on the back burner — thinking that if you’re not in “grind mode” 24 hours a day, 7 days a week then you’re not really working towards your goals and dreams?

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I’d be lying if I said that wasn’t me a few months ago. I found myself in a state where I was constantly grinding, without leaving time to myself to rest. Which is why over the past few weeks I’ve been tracking my mood and trying to be more aware of how I’m feeling throughout the day, week and month. Tracking how I feel both mentally and physically has been a huge help, and now that self care is at the top of my list, I’ve been able to enjoy things like MOOD!

If you aren’t familiar with MOOD, it’s a hemp-based CBD self care collection — exclusively sold at AE. The products that they carry provide a soothing, calming and relaxing feeling, especially on the days when I’m overwhelmed and stressed out. Besides the awesome benefits, I really love how amazing the products smell! Sometimes when I purchase beauty items that are hemp-based CBD, the smell isn’t so pleasant.

Check out below a few of the products that I love from the collection!

MOOD Energized CBD-Infused Aromatherapy Oil

I love using this product in the mornings or during the day because it gives such an energy boost that I often need to wake me up and re energize me. It’s so perfect that it’s small enough to throw in my bag and take with me everywhere I go. The smell is of course a mandarin nectar — making me want to put it on even more!

MOOD Refreshed CBD-Infused Lip Balm

I apply this lip balm at least five times a day because it’s just SO GOOD. My problem with most lip balms is that they don’t really help my chapped lips in the winter after the balm wears off, but this one is definitely a keeper.

MOOD Energized CBD-Infused Body Lotion

First off, let me start by saying THIS LOTION SMELLS AMAZING. It gives off the same vibe as the oil, but in cream form. Every time I put some on I feel a burst of energy. It feels amazing.

MOOD Zzz CBD-Infused Hand Cream

Who doesn’t want a hand cream that helps your wind down for the night? I love lavender scented items because they’re so calming, and that is exactly what this hand cream does.

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